an Introduction

Saraswathi is one of south India’s top names in wedding and event catering services.

With over four decades of experience, we have developed our very own special ‘recipes’ with unique ‘ingredients’. And our innovative ‘garnishes’ enable us to curate customized ‘menus’ and offer total 360° solutions for every aspect of your occasion.

While being deeply rooted in tradition, we are also pioneers of change in an industry that has been slow to adopt contemporary technology and embrace modern business practices. Saraswathi is recognised for its ability to provide new value-added services (music, décor, hostesses, to name a few) to its core competency in catering and for constantly introducing new ideas and concepts, always ready to adapt and innovate as per the needs of our esteemed clientele.

In other words, we have the perfect recipe to deliver an unforgettable, smooth and luxurious experience for you and your honoured guests.

Choose Saraswathi for special occasions. And cherish treasured memories forever!

Today, we are proud of our expertise in offering outstanding catering across a range of cuisines for every special occasion and event, while also taking pride in having extended far beyond the original boundaries. We have developed new capabilities and can offer 360° solutions – with skilled personnel to customise music, décor, observance of traditions, ushers and hostesses, guest management and much more.

Values and Traditions

Saraswathi Catering is deeply rooted in Indian traditions, where every guest is welcomed and revered.

At the same time, we have also embraced global values and are deeply committed to

Highest quality    |    Finest service    |    Total integrity   |    Openness to change   |    Most sustainable practices

Above all we have imbibed lessons from our family heritage. The spirit of a ‘Desire to Serve’, and a willingness to embrace fresh ideas and change based on the principle ‘Observe-Learn-Improve-Deliver’ have been deeply embedded in the company’s DNA under the guidance of our Mentor, Mr Guruswamy Iyer and our Founder, Mr Subramani Iyer.

Our Mentor

Our mentor and inspiring father-figure, Mr Guruswamy Iyer, started his career as a cook in Chennai, and after years of working in some of the well-known names in the local hospitality industry, developed his own catering business and established a name for quality. He built the strong foundation on which we stand today.

Our Founder

Our Founder Chairman, Mr Subramani Iyer, grasped the basics of the trade as a wholesaler of appalams and pickles, cycling up and down to service clients along a 33km stretch between Chennai and Tambaram. He appalied these learnings while setting up a new business, Saraswathi Catering, laying the foundations for adding new dimensions to an age-old segment of the industry.